Introducing the Koi Crew!

Joe Martin – Artist and Lead Electrical
Erin Becker – Project Manager
Sherry Wong – Art Director
Stefanie Gesiorski – Fundraising Lead
Owen Laine – Bridge Woodworker
Robin MacSwain – Bridge Welder
Aaron Pirata – Torii, Fence and Lantern Woodworker
Kim Wu – Torii, Fence and Lantern Woodworker
Jeremy Barrett – Animation and Software
Casey Fay – Fish Painter
Ding Dong – Electrical Support


The crew would like to thank our extended community for their support.

Burning Man for their generous grant!



Peter Hudson
Trinidad Theakston
Gabrielle Patin
Kristen Sunde
Sarah Gill – Website Build
Brass Tax
Flux Foundation
East Bay Koi
Obscura Digital
Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop
And All our volunteers and supporters!