The Koi Pond A large-scale immersive video environment

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Koi Pond Tech Specs

The Koi Pond is a complex electronic art piece comprised in part of the following:

  • 200 sq. ft. pond surface
  • 563,000 full color LED video array
  • Koi fish and water rendered in real time
  • Sensors allow fish to react to environment and time of day
  • Generative fish swim to visitors when they clap or make sounds
  • Meticulously crafted wooden bridge and Torii gate made from the repurposed lumber from a 100 year old theater
  • Custom designed and hand-crafted lanterns, benches, and fence, plus manufactured rocks
  • Precision¬†waterjet cutting of 1/8 aluminium sheets to form the base of pond
  • Custom CNC cut and formed steel mullion substructure

The Koi Pond is supported in part by a grant from Burning Man. 



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